International day of dentist

9 February
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International day of dentist


International day of dentist mark each year, 9 February. Despite the fact that the profession of the ancient holiday in Russia appeared recently, and one of the first countries to congratulate dentists, became America.

The history of the holiday

Dentist day falls on February 9, and this date is selected. On this day Catholics revered Christian martyress Apollonia Alexandria. Terrible torture girl forced to renounce Christianity, but she steadfastly withstood the test. When it was threatened with burning at the stake, she stepped into the flames. Happy dentist this case concerns the fact that attributes of Apollonia of Alexandria were tongs and teeth. Since it is believed that the martyr relieves people from a toothache, it is worth so pronounce her name.

How to celebrate the Day of the dentist?

Dentist day celebrated in several countries, and 9 February each year becomes more popular. Workers greet each other, listen to congratulations from friends and acquaintances. For children, lectures on proper dental care of the oral cavity and its necessity.

February 9 is not the only holiday date. Another celebration of the international day a dentist — falls on March 6. Both are working.

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