Universal Children's day

20 November
Left 263 day
Universal Children's day


We have all become accustomed to the pleasant summer holiday-day of children protection. And many are not aware that there is another holiday-world children's day.

What is this day and when his mark? This holiday has existed for 63 years. Its beginning he takes in 1954, the year when the UN General Assembly was asked to enter a new celebration dedicated to children. Each country had the opportunity to choose the day when this event will be celebrated.

In the Russian Federation, as well as 129 other countries World children's day is celebrated on 20 November.

Philosophy holiday

The event was dedicated to the most important events on the world stage: Declaration on the rights of the child and the Convention on the rights of the. On this day all over the world are various promotions and presentations of the newest educational programmes, methods of upbringing and development.

As the celebrations around the world

On the eve of kids from different countries are in anticipation of the special day. Worldwide activities: visiting attractions, shows, quests.
If you have a child, take care of its leisure on a holiday in advance. Options for the Organization of the event, a huge number!

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