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Creative teambuilding Sberbank-technologies-four elements

Project tasks

  • Rally the team and get to know each other in an informal setting
  • Form a group work skills
  • To support and develop employees ' corporate values

The concept of

Fire is the energy and success of the company. Participants will be able to create it only if correctly will join three other elements: water, air and land. Each one symbolizes the corporate values of the company.

On the first day of staff perform tasks to conquer three elements, and in the finale together light the Fire as a symbol of the vitality of the organization. Master classes are held in the evening on several dance styles, after which participants and at the conclusion of the evening, perform a joint dance flash mob.  On the second day all relax, playing board games and doing yoga.

Chips project

  • In this project the water symbolized the development and movement towards the goal, ground-support colleagues and sustainability, air-interaction and sharing of resources.
  • After the conquest of elemental command received the appropriate artifact: tank with liquid (Glycerin), tank with loose substance (manganese), to create a paper aeroplanes. Combining three components made it possible to create fire.
  • "Underneath" the participants had enough energy to master the three dancing style, common dance FlashMob, and then dance all night at disco.
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