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Teambuilding in suzdal for British American tobacco

Project tasks

  • Arrange interesting corporate event for staff from 5 countries: Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Russia.
  • Create adventure quest with elements of team building and outdoor activities.
  • Include in the event the creative component and excursion part of the ancient city.

The concept of

Participants undergo in suzdal tough tests, guess riddles, studying ancient trades and get paid for it equipment, which will implement the final planned . Won artifacts and skills help the team create the Charm of his company and get gifts of the Vladimir Monomakh!  

Chips project

  • Participants could only go through all the stages in sequence, with the hints were sometimes incorrect, and is false.
  • At a master class for modeling clay toys staff created a Jug of abundance, where each added to the vessel independently investigates the handle.
  • The event was held in Russian and English languages.

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