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Birthday of the Igor Rybakov Foundation

Project tasks

  • Awarding of nominees
  • Hold an annual high-level event
  • Celebrate the Foundation's Birthday
  • Celebrate the New Year

The decision of the

In honor of the birthday of the Igor Rybakov Foundation, we chose the concept of the carnival, as the event is timed to coincide with the celebration of the New Year. The carnival perfectly reflects the solemn and unusual holiday, and the atmosphere of the event is supported by colorful and fascinating costumes. We created a thematic photo zone for the guests of the event, held a dance master class. Guests of the event were able to feel the whole atmosphere of the event thanks to the dress code, invited actors, exquisite scenery and entertainment program. In the middle of the event, a memorable drummer show was held, where the surprise was the performance of Igor Rybakov with a team of musicians. We managed to combine the awarding of laureates, the celebration of the birthday and the New Year in one bright and dynamic event.

Chips project

  • Dress code cocktail
  • Drummers Show
  • Dance master class
  • Performance of Moscow Hook

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