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Project tasks

  • To present the car, keeping the BMW brand's signature style
  • Display the nature of the car in the concept of the event
  • Show new features and product features
  • Interest the largest number of new BMW owners

The concept of

The presentation of the car takes place in the format of a summer party in the open air. The very concept of the party creates a portrait of the ideal owner of the BMW X4. BMW X4 car has its unsurpassed character, and is best displayed in the concept of 4 elements: fire, water, earth, air. To demonstrate the organic existence of the car not only in urban environments, but also in natural was chosen outdoor area, because the car is primarily associated with travel.

At the event there was a special photo zone, where you could create videos with the help of digital technologies in live time. Also, everyone could take a picture with representatives of wildlife. Recording for the test drive and lottery branded prizes from BMW allowed to enjoy the opportunities and products of the brand. The presenter and DJ worked on the platform, who actively supported the mood of the public. The entertainment program involved a show of gymnasts and a drum show, for guests organized an unusual fire bar.

Chips project

  • To maintain the concept of the four elements at the event, a physical display of elements was developed
  • The appearance of the BMW X4 on the pontoon on the water as a display of the elements of water
  • The show of gymnasts displayed the air element
  • The fire bar was responsible for the element of fire
  • The presence of wild animals on the site and the test drive of the car represented the element of the earth
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