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9 customer claims to event-companies

9 customer claims to event-companies

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy" (Michael Lebof, author of the book "how to get customers and keep them forever")

Chief expert, critic and business optimizer is a client. From his loyalty to the company's success, the direction of its development and existence itself.

Most event-companies working on a standard scheme: implementation of the project is to receive "feedback"-work on the bugs that are still repeated subsequently. The company "Big Jack" went the other way. It has eliminated the causes of possible complaints before they occur. BIG JACK's team analyzed the experience of competitors and used data provided by the portal together with the magazine Live Communication Magazine, Navigator of the advertising market in Russia. As a result, the Agency has established a unique system of work with customers that originally there are no factors that cause customer dissatisfaction.

As a result, the agency won on aggregate points in the branch rating of the event industry on 11 criteria by questioning 74 experts from 139 companies-clients. Among the interviewed representatives of the largest enterprises and famous brands: Microsoft, Philips, Bosch, Avon, British American Tobacco, The Coca-Cola Co., Nestlé, "Gazprom", "MTS", "Rosatom", "Sberbank of Russia", "Russian railways", "VTB 24 and other.

In the assessment takes into account quality indicators:

  1. The overall level of work
  2. Creativity
  3. Autonomy
  4. Customer focus
  5. Professionalism
  6. The stability of the team
  7. Clear positioning
  8. Innovation
  9. Communication Skills
  10. Focus on efficiency
  11. Optimizatorskij approach to estimate.

Service quality "Big Jack" with a margin of 7% ahead of closest rival from among the widely known in the capital of event organizers. As the company managed to achieve success?

9 steps to customer loyalty

AdIndex project has identified 9 claims to customers event-agencies. The company "Big Jack" for each of the problems found effective solutions through the application of elements of Agile approach:

Claim No. 1.

r/> a failure to follow agreed deadlines.

To ensure that the plan works in time, the Agency shares the capacity project on temporary segments length in 1 week and daily sums up, introducing adjustments to the sequence of your actions and prioritize.

Claim No. 2.
Inattention to detail managers.

For complete control of the preparations for the BIG event, JACK uses the detailed work plan entitled "Client Project Systematization", in which the prescribed work units, individual tasks and subtasks, officers responsible for their decision, and calendar time with freelancers deadline.

Claim No. 3.
Discrepancy rates the quality of work, poor quality, lack of quality standards.

The quality of the work of the Agency can assess both direct customers (for example, the Director General, HR-service) and participants (employees of the client company). For an objective evaluation is used internationally recognized indicator of NPS (Net promoter score or customer loyalty Index). It is measured as a percentage and allows you to assess whether participants were satisfied with the held event.

Claim No. 4.
Low responsiveness.

Big Jack is constantly in touch with customers. For communication use WhatsApp chats and Telegram installed on Smartphones. Our managers are always online, instantly react to emerging customer questions and comments.

Claim No. 5.
No obligation, compliance in taking ordinary working solutions.

In a detailed work plan that is generated for each project, always clearly spelled out what the employee of the agency or the client takes a decision.

Claim No. 6.
Lack of customer focus, trusting relationship with the customer.

Quick reaction to customer requests (see claim 4), compliance with the agreed deadlines (see claim 1) and fixing all the details (see claim 2) form trusting relationships and show high client-centeredness. The customer feels the constant care and attention by the Agency.

Claim No. 7.
The lack of flexibility, variable character approach to working with clients.

The Agile philosophy used by the Agency, stressed the priority of the people running the project, cooperation with the customer, willingness to change before the processes and tools, documentation, soglasovaniIt conditions, adherence to the original plan. Willingness to change at any stage for the benefit of the ultimate goal of allows you to achieve the best results. "Big Jack" uses many tools for various tasks, ensuring success through accurate hitting the target audience, the conformity of the activities of the strategic goals of the company, risk management, Creative Director's moves job opportunities worldwide.

Claim No. 8.
Silence on the problems in the process of preparing activities which advance could lead to a better result.

For continuous monitoring of the project progress, the agency uses the interactive online Trello Board. Customers may at times track the progress of tasks. Downloads of the Agency's staff members have held working meetings to discuss problems, ways of their solution, make suggestions for improvement.

Claim No. 9.
Inability to objectively assess the results of the event.

In determining the effectiveness of corporate events, team-building programs, trainings, conferences "Big Jack" uses service questionaire Surveymonkey and several customer KPIs:

  • EEI-staff engagement index;
  • ROI-ROI;
  • EAI-index of attractiveness of the employer;
  • NPS customer loyalty index.

The developed system brings excellent results-with the Agency constantly cooperating companies such as Raiffeisen Bank», «Gazprom», state unitary enterprise "Moscow metro", "megaphone", "Sberbank" and others. Gratitude and positive feedback from partners is the best evidence of the effectiveness of the "Big Jack" approach to working with clients.

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