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Open Secrets: the business processes of the company BIG JACK

Open Secrets: the business processes of the company BIG JACK

Achieving business goals depends on correctly aligned business processes-the type and sequence of a set of measures implemented. What tasks are solved in the event? This increased involvement of employees and partners, establishing communications, translation values, sharing experiences, build relationships with customers. But just how little. So they brought the maximum effect, they need to be constantly improved.

"We are not developing anything in one giant step. No matter who you are or what you're doing, all of us made a lot of steps to perform a task (Catherine Pulsifer, Canadian bestselling author of self-development).

Two approaches to business processes

The typical business-process for the preparation of exhibitions, conferences, teambuilding or corporate party consists of three parts: preliminary, main and final. The first and third stages are hidden from the participants of the event. Heand only see its culmination-the actual seminar, quest, presentation. If portray their involvement and emotions in the form of graphics, you get a curve with a "peak" at the time of the Forum. Such an event can be compared to the fast eating kilograms of ice cream. The result: fun for half an hour, uses the minimum and there is a risk of contracting tonsillitis. Serious problems maintaining customer relationships with customers, increased loyalty employees instant surge in activity does not solve it. Need a long-term purposeful work.

"You never will be able to solve the problem, if you save the same mindset, the same approach that led you to the problem" (Albert Einstein)

Team BIG JACK reviewed the needs of customers. As a result, she created a new sequence for corporate events and the unique structure of the event themselves. This allows you to solve strategic and tactical tasks customers, optimize the budget and extend in time the effect of events up to six months. If you draw a curve of emotions experienced by participants in such festivities, she will have three "peak". They cover the period before, during and after the seminar, exhibition or show. The above "a kilo of ice-cream turns into a somewhat tasty, varied portions. Feeling the holiday lasts longer and impressions from it anymore.

10 steps to the goal

The structure of the business process in the company "Big Jack" differs from the standard consists of the following stages:

  • Preparing a project:
  1. Receipt of a request from a client, compiling TK, choice of account manager. The brief is of particular importance. It helps determine strategic and tactical business goals of the customer, to understand the target audience and choose effective channels of communication.
  2. Meeting with the customer, finishing brief, its maximum output.
  3. Formation of commercial
whom the proposal presentation proposals client participation in the tender, if any.
  • Signing of the contract, the Project Director and technical detail.
    • Realization of the project:
    1. The prior involvement of the participants.
    2. The holding of the event.
    • Project closure:
    1. Analysis of an event within the team and with the client.
    2. Signing closing documents.
    3. Post Production-distribution of materials from participants of the event (video, presentations, photo).
    • Outside of the project:
    1. Accompanying the process of post-the involvement of the participants. This approach allows you to extend and consolidate the positive effects of the event.

    The effectiveness of business processes easily defined using indicators:

    EI index involvement;
  • ROI-return on investment (ROI) ratio;
  • EAI employer attractiveness index;
  • NPS customer loyalty index.
  • Cherry on the cake

    BIG JACK has invented its own know-how, "chips," "raisins". They help make the holiday bright and memories of it pleasant for participants and useful for the customer. This is:

    1. Pre and post-the involvement of the participants.
    2. Using elements of marketing impressions, tools that affect emotions, mood, soul, heart, partners or employees of the client. People against the background of strong impressions are better at remembering information and perceive ideas faster make a choice. Interesting directorial strokes that cause wow-effect, create a strong emotional bond between the company and Festival guests.

    Greath sample post-involvement-"kennel". This small building, booth, kiosk installed in the reception area. Entering it, the participants of the event, write the address to itself. In it they designate their immediate plans, prospects of development, contribution to business in 3 months for six months. Through the 3-6 months after the event each present at conferences or group receives e-mail recording his video messages and can appreciate their achievements.

    Example of prior vovlecheni: mailing invitations, which can be read only by using mirrors. Guests had to work hard to find out what the message. As a result, turnout was 98% of the visitors zaintrigovannyh.

    Innovative solutions in business processes help customers BIG JACK to get the most out of your activities and make the cost of organizing the event in an investment in the future.

    Innovative approach pays off-for 6 yearsBIG JACK organized 427 events with 30 000 participants and 97% of our customers become loyal customers.

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