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Give young people! How to attract young people into the company.

Give young people! How to attract young people into the company.

Young employees-the future of the company. They are active, full of fresh ideas, open to everything new, ready to experiment, are able to change, learn, get useful experience. HR specialists are engaged in the hunt for members of generation Y or millenialami-boys and girls born after 1981 year.

According to the portal, over the past year, the number of vacancies for young people increased by 16%, and in Moscow and its region-at 40%.

The main characteristics of generation Y: the diversity of interests, the desire to combine work and hobby, sociability, free circulation with new technologies, love of freedom, individualism, the desire for self-actualization. Millennials appreciate independence, new impressions, bright emotions, social responsibility, desire to benefit society, focusing on personal qualities.

Conventional methods of motivation with representatives of generation Y are not working. To engage in the work of the young specialist, little to offera high salary and career growth. For them it was more important to continuous development, freedom, company image, interesting experiences, new ideas. Information about employers Millennials get from social networks, forums, websites. They are interested in a team atmosphere, comfortable work conditions, the opportunity to participate in exciting projects, mission and values.

Innovative design BIG JACK form a positive image of the company, increase its value in the eyes of the staff, helping to attract young professionals.

Unit of attractiveness

The degree of attractiveness of the company for employees is easy to measure and to express numerically. For this is EAI employer attractiveness index. When calculating the EAI staff assesses how the company comfortably, profitably and interesting work. On its magnitude depends on:

  • the involvement of personnel in communication;
  • the Division of employee of company values;
  • how're an
IR feels like part of the team;
  • improving the efficiency of the staff.
  • EAI can be improved? It's just. Task is the Organization of the event. Improve involvement will help corporate events-anniversaries of the company, corporate parties, industry-specific holidays. For establishing communications serve teambuilding courses. BIG JACK knows the secret of transforming events in an effective HR tools.

    "Big Jack" conducts activities using principles of marketing impressions. The objectives of the event are achieved impact on the emotions of the participants. Proven strong feelings increase the involvement of employees in a common cause, encourage to share feelings with others.

    How do you measure loyalty

    The loyalty of the employees of the company, too, is measurable. Its value is determined by the coefficient is equal to the difference between NPS and shares employees satisfied and negative presentroennyh. The result is calculated using a survey.

    Research analytical center NAFI held in year 2016, only 15% of the Russian companies willing to recommend their employer to friends, and 62% are not satisfied with the place of work. The average value of NPS is 47 points. After the event, organized by the "big JACK" NPS index equal to + 74 points and more.

    Event, entering the heart

    BIG JACK developed a scheme to strengthen the activities the employer brand. Used marketing impressions and this sequence of steps:

    1. Organization of bright, memorable, emotional event.
    2. Story about it internally and externally through corporate newspapers, newsletters, website, social networks, forums.
    3. Familiarization with information of potential employees who are inspired by and of themselves looking for suitable jobs, call the HR Department.

    This approach allows the clients of the company "big JACK" to get maximum benefit from the activities carried out, save the cost of finding and attracting young employees receiving benefits to 147% from every ruble invested in corporate or teambuilding.

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