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Aviastroitel day

15 August
Left 210 days
Aviastroitel day


15 August every year is celebrated the day of aviastroitel. Professional holiday became considered an official from 1954 onwards. The event brings together several generations of craftsmen production aircraft.

Important industry

Aviation is an essential sector of the Defense complex and integral part of the military industry. Includes plants and research centres, constructing and designing original products, landing instruments and devices, specialized equipment for onboard and ground-based navigation, aircraft for military and civil purposes .

Conquerors of the heavens

All building enterprises of the Russian Federation to celebrate this holiday. Particularly in dispersed better workers and researchers are awarded with diplomas and sheets, as well as notes on the Board.

"We submit to the sky", these three words said with pride every carrier flying profession. Without aircraft manufacturers pilots never would have been able to fly up to heaven and conquer the boundless expanse.

Celebrate with soul

The greatest manufacturing company aviastar 15 August becomes the epicenter of the celebration and announces an open day for anyone. Human eyes are submitted to different aircraft. There you can see even the Tu-204, IL-76 and Boeing.

Words of gratitude and recognition addressed to builders and pilots, heard at virtually every step of the way. And how could it be otherwise, because they have invested in all their favourite soul and best years.

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