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Day canine units of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (canine)

21 June
Left 144 day
Day canine units of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (canine)


Who of people indifferent to the dogs? In my childhood we zasmatrivalis movies on frontier guards, police with dogs, and now happily look at the television adventures of Mukhtar. Truly, the dog-man's best friend, faithful to him and serves for the benefit of mankind. Not just guarding borders and searching for criminals. Equally, if not even more complex service they are in airports and stations, vnjuhivajas in the luggage of passengers and looking for it the smell of "white death" of drugs. During the war years was carried from the battlefield wounded, only "work" today, looking for people in the rubble of the buildings after earthquakes, even visited the space. But all that they need to be taught to do this are experts in dog-breeding-dog handlers. Especially diligently they prepare dogs for services within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where "serves most of our smaller brothers.

Involvement of service dogs wanted in Russia started in the year 1906, when the legendary dog tref opened 1.5 thousands of crimes. The first Russian Kennel police detective dogs began work June 21, 1909 in St. Petersburg. It was created by young trainers school, and soon the dog detective for the police have been used in more than 50 provinces of Russia.

Today Tracker dogs occupy pride of place in the activities of the Interior troops of Russia. They help to ensure the protection of public order of the Russian Federation in settlements, reliable protection of State and military objects. Also used in terrain on mining, on ways of movement of troops.

Prepare the dogs for the professionals, graduates of the dog. Competent experts in the profession are always in demand. Thanks to them, Russia annually disclosed more than twenty thousand crimes. And in honor of them established a special holiday in Russia.

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