Day Commander (surface, submarine and air)

8 October
Left 3 day
Day Commander (surface, submarine and air)


8 October, in the Russian Federation, their professional holiday celebrated by those who in the course of the service had the opportunity to stand at the helm of ships, submarines or aircraft, as well as those who are on the captain's bridge.

The right to bear the honorary title of Commander gets only the best, those who are not afraid of storms and adversity, hardships and limitations, and most importantly, huge cargo entrusted responsibility on their shoulders.

The Commander of the Navy or air force serves as the Chief Executive only ship. He is responsible for the success of the manoeuvres and the execution of tasks set before the vessel interaction with representatives of other ships and other objects. The Commander is always responsible for the actions of the crew. He is devoted to his service and under no situations has no right to give slack.

Congratulations to the courageous and strong, the captains of the ships sea and air fleet with their professional holiday!

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