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Day of fire protection

30 April
Left 260 days
Day of fire protection


Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich 30 April, 1649 g. signed the Decree "on the Kaliningrad deaneries. The Decree was installed strict rules, which should adhere to when extinguishing fires in Moscow. Under this Decree, laid the Foundation for the emergence of the first Russian fire service. In the document the time immediately identified and the basic steps of a professional fire brigade, was created a permanent vigil. According to the Decree, for violation of fire patrols, firefighters had the right to punish people. Peter First created the first professional fire brigade, while Admiralty formed the first fire station.

Another important document adopted at the beginning of the 20th century. This was the Decree of the Council of people's commissars "on organization of the fire-fighting measures," he signed in 1918 year. Leninom. This day was originally celebrated the holiday. And in 1999, taking into account merit fire. and historical facts, the President of the Russian Federation issued another decree establishing the day of fire protection. Since then this day is officially considered 30 April and adopted it as a professional holiday of ogneborcev.

The profession of fire has always been the most prestigious and honorable, because fire can help in difficult times, when the fate of man. In the life of any city of their role cannot be overstated. During the war without fire services would be too hard, as the enemy tried to burn everything in its path, and nothing was not considered. Several hundred thousand explosive bombs were dropped on Moscow during the war years.

Even in peacetime, each firefighter, risking their lives, remains always at the ready. So let's thank firefighters for their hard work and congratulated him on the occasion of their professional holiday!

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