Day high bailiff

6 November
Left 197 days
Day high bailiff


Day of the bailiff under the Decree of the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, the former in p 2008-2012, was appointed on 1 November. With the year 2009 became an official holiday, which is a working day.

When the ushers? History

The first mention of services dates back to 10-13 century: times of feudalism. Even then, to obtain certain results during the disputes involved matching service: military, police and other authorities. The main type of punishment was the reference to penal servitude.

After 1917 year system was abolished by the Bolsheviks, which decided that citizens and without pressure can cope with its obligations.

year 1997, passed 80 years. Legal legislation is complemented by a number of laws aimed at forced foreclosure on a court decision. Service bailiffs begin their legitimate activities, forming Hotel federal authority. Now is not the proper execution of their direct obligations, debtors may face administrative and criminal liability.

Features of the celebration

On the day of the official bailiff workers invited to official events where mark their merits before the State awarding commemorative diplomas, awards and other signs of differences. New employees take an oath that they would serve faithfully for the good of the homeland.

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