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Army day

1 October
Left 77 days
Army day


It's no secret what an important role for every country the armed forces. They provide security and peace of the whole population, provide a guarantee for the future. Not accidentally, the army of the Russian Federation back in 2006 year received well-deserved attention from the President and received its own separate professional holiday, which is celebrated annually on October 1.

The army represent a special armed unit, whose main task is maintaining defensive and fighting on land. With the support of units of other elements-sky and water-they are able to lead a full-scale military campaign not only in Russia, but also in the enemy territory, conquering it and stopping the enemy resistance. The army can not only attack, but also steadily hold the attack, not to allow the enemy to the strategically important objects and peaceful settlements, they are designed to hold under his control all their frontiers.

Combine ground forces soldiers of various military activity profile: Airborne, tank, motorized rifle, artillerijnogo and rocket, as well as air defence forces. Army soldiers are also engineering, radio engineering, chemical, road, roads and communications troops. They provide all the ground work of the army, regardless of its direction.

Army soldiers are brave and valiant warriors. Let us congratulate them with all the solemnity of their professional holiday!

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