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International air traffic controller's day

20 October
Left 96 days
International air traffic controller's day


This wonderful holiday October 20, 1961 was created after the birth of the International Federation of aviation dispatchers at the Congress in Amsterdam.

Just imagine, that at the moment the number of representatives of this Association, representing more than 50 thousand. man. After all, the air traffic controller is a very demanding job that requires not only professional skills, but also a special psychological training. Our security and, in fact, life in the sky is in their hands. This is the same, in fact, the greatest responsibility and professionalism of these people is the highest requirement. Such a profession is always in demand, because there are no computers can never replace the instant the only and the most correct decision in an emergency and for emergency situations. Only man and his well-developed intuition can cope with such a problem, knowing that at stake cost lives. The main rule of air traffic controllers to work, despite the conditions and circumstances. And such a feast for them, it is also an opportunity to draw public attention and stress the importance of this profession, to tell about achievements, plans and objectives.

Dear air traffic controllers, take warm congratulations!

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