International day of cooperatives

1 July
Left 342 day
International day of cooperatives


The modern cooperative movement started on the initiative of a small group of weavers of Rochdale are within easy reach, which in 1844 year established consumer cooperative. Thus, it is believed that society "fair rochdejlskih pioneers" was the first step towards gaining economic independence and freedom of workers.

Fifty years later in London was founded by the International Cooperative Alliance, which became a non-governmental organization cooperating closely with the United Nations.

In 1995, the year the first Saturday of July on the initiative of the UN noted the centenary of the International Cooperative Alliance, which at the time already 760 million members in more than 100 countries.

The basis of cooperatives is solidarity, mutual responsibility, solidarity, justice and equality.

In modern Russia the objectives of cooperation are combating poverty and unemployment, reviving spiritual values, as well as the provision of residential and commercial services. Today the population of our country is more 170 000 Services 130 species. Cooperation is being actively developed, for example, in remote small villages, where only the elderly, that pension is delivered late there practiced holiday goods on credit.

In the difficult years of governmental reforms potrebkooperaciju managed to keep, and now she is making a significant contribution to the development of the Russian economy, occupying an important place in the life of the country.

World International Day of cooperatives is to attract attention of the society to cooperatives and its aiding in the promotion of partnerships between governmental and non-governmental organizations and the cooperative movement.

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