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Professional holiday of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

27 March
Left 33 day
Professional holiday of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs


The rule of law and the security of citizens is an important and challenging task. Russia police annually celebrate their professional holiday on October 7. This date is associated with a landmark event in the history of the country-on this day in 1918, was created on the main Office of the workers ' and peasants ' Soviet NKVD police with information and the 4th BCT worked out divisions. Pinning the official date has become a symbol of respect and honor to the activities of staff units in the system of the MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS of RUSSIA.

Surprisingly, the special forces were formed only in year 1811 by Decree of Tsar Alexander I, up to this point the order no one watched. Divisions of the Interior guard acted as guard and convoy, resulted in sentences of the court life, collected taxes, detaining criminals and suppressed popular uprisings. First they watched the public order only in major cities.

Subsequently, the unit Interior repeatedly reformed, and today they are a reliable protection against external threats, terrorists and criminals. Every day they disclose crimes on "hot pursuit", demonstrating the strength and courage, ensuring peace and order.

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