World post day

9 October
Left 222 day
World post day


How often do we think about the long-familiar things? Of course, no. But they have their own history. Take, for example, mail.

Since ancient times people tried to share information. In the stone age it was smoky bonfires or drum roll. Later, messengers who rush to pass an oral message to the addressee. But the memory of that lives in our language up until now, we say, "the letter said," and not "written".

Ancient States of Egypt, Assyria, Persia had developed postal structure. Envoys scurrying along the roads in these countries, passing the oral and the parchment message.

Abreast of them and our ancestors. The Sarmatians and Scythians passed with гонцом oral messages. The world has changed, and Kievan Rus, which lays the foundations of Russian mail. Initially, letters were passed with caravans of merchants, and in the year 885 messengers appeared.

Because of its importance mail instantly becomes an ordered structure. In the year 984 formed "povoz", on which the duty has been established for the population in the form of heralds extradition for horses harnessed into carriage.

In 1266 g. travel rules appear princely messengers, and in the 13 century begins which will chase Yamskaya until the end of the 19 century. On the main roads are built in which courtyards Yam Messenger can change the tired horse to fresh.

Peter significantly reorganized the Russian mail. With his light hand new postal routes, mail printing. Years went by, changed, transformed and developed the Russian postal service.

Now, with the advent of the Internet we have Exchange instant messages. However, mail still has not lost its relevance. Whichever way not sent parcels and letters by air, by water or by land, meaning postal services remains unchanged-message transmission.

World post day is celebrated on October 9. The decision on his celebration was made in 1874, 16 Congress of the Universal Postal Union, and in 1970, this day was celebrated for the first time.

In our country, along with the world day is celebrated the day of Russian mail mail, which falls on the second Sunday of July.

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