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World Tourism day

27 September
Left 232 day
World Tourism day


What do you think when you hear the word "tourism"? Remember, once put up a tent in the pouring rain? Or first went abroad? Or you are just planning a trip?

Modern tourists are not trailblazers of the times of the great geographical discoveries. But show world now available not only to merchants, military and scientist-researchers. The world has not become smaller, but distant countries became closer to each of us.

How did the holiday

Tourism as an industry is evolving and with the 1979 year we celebrate World Tourism day. its purpose is to promote tourism, develop cultural and partnerships between countries, to explain the importance of tourism to the economy. It's a professional holiday of all those working in the tourism business. But the main thing-it is a holiday of all, who feels a tourist.

The motto of the holiday

Every year is declared a holiday, and its motto this motto reflects all spheres of life, to which tourism is relevant. Among them:

• Ecology
• environmental protection Wednesday
• world peace
• cultural exchange
• interaction between technology and nature
• high level of personnel employed in the industry

How to celebrate

Everywhere held tourism exhibitions, rallies and festivals. For example, every September in Moscow passes autumn international tourist exhibition Leisure Leisure. In 2018, it will be held already in the 24th time.

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