World volunteers day

5 December
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World volunteers day


5 December is celebrated around the World Volunteer Day. On this day we should thank all those people who are working free of charge and help people.

The full name of this holiday-international volunteer day for economic and social development. Invited him to enter the UN General Assembly for quite a long time-in the year 1985. Since then, the holiday got its official name and international status.

Through the introduction of this UN day reminded all the world States that society must know about the considerable contribution of volunteers in all spheres of life. The organization hoped that the more people learn about the volunteer service and its significance, the more volunteers to join their ranks.

Volunteers working for the public good, without asking anything in return, which is another reason why they were awarded their own holiday. Yet few would agree to carry out a tremendous amount of work for free, and volunteers selflessly clean streets, distribute brochures social campaign, employed translators at large sporting events, assist in hospitals, homes the elderly, orphanages and much, much more. A lot of work for volunteers share falls at liquidation of consequences of natural disasters.

The Universal Declaration States that volunteers volunteers are entitled to give their time, energy and talent of the collective and individual actions, not expecting this remuneration. Selfless deeds is rare in the modern world, but they are so necessary. So December 5 should not only wish you good luck and happiness to all volunteers of the world, but also to reflect on their own unselfish acts. You can start with small--translate old lady across the street or feed the homeless dog.

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