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A forum for the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs 2013

Project tasks

  • Organization of the anniversary V all-Russian Congress of the youth of the Governments of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  • Summing up the activities of youth for 5 years, Governments, the exchange of best practices
  • Ensuring effective communication parties with representatives of Government and business

The concept of

The Conference, entitled "5 years. # Reboot @ molparv _ ru » . The motto of the meeting was to "Responsible country"! 3-hdnevnoe event during which regional representatives youth Governments participated in the plenary zasedaniyah, lectures and master classes.  /span >

Chips project

  • Identity development of turnkey activities: transfer products, printing, banners, etc.
  • As the evening program was organized by the Political brain-ring.
  • We are fully responsible for accommodation, meals and navigating different sites all 150 participants.

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