Project tasks

  • to hold a family holiday for employees of the company
  • unite employees and improve communication
  • charge with positivity and raise corporate spirit

The concept of

The main theme of the family holiday for ING Bank was Family Tree. The family tree embodies family values, stable development and trust, and all these values are close to ING Bank. The symbol of the holiday - the ING tree was chosen by the company itself and brought to the event to create an art object. The whole event was dedicated to the topic of ecology and development, and this was reflected in our sites with activities for guests. Each zone had its own special tree, which allowed guests to better navigate. In the center of the holiday was a huge tree with portraits of the participants of the event and their children. To create a photo zone, we held a master class on creating colors from paper, and with them we decorated our photo zone. Aqua makeup was also created on the site, a twister game was held, and animators entertained all the children with fun contests. As a culmination, we were able to create a unique art object from the ING family tree: as decoration, participants hung colored satin ribbons earned in competitions. After the event, employees took the tree to their office, and it will be able to continue to grow and develop together with ING employees.

Chips project

  • Master class on painting stones
  • Ultimate - Frisbee Throwing Competition
  • Aqua makeup
  • Art object with the company logo - "wall of color" - is created by the participants of the event
  • Master class on creating Eco-bags

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