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Project tasks

  • Unite the team
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Motivate employees

The concept of

We chose the concept of four elements for this event. Participants in the event were divided into teams corresponding to the elements and during the program earned points for the final competition. In our concept, FIRE symbolizes the vitality, power and success of the company. But it cannot be found, exchanged or obtained from nothing it can only be created. FIRE within any business appears when the three basic principles of working together are correctly combined, Three elements of success: WATER – DEVELOPMENT, MOVEMENT: To see new horizons. To dare. To move towards the goal without stopping. EARTH – RELIABILITY, SUPPORT: Trust those who are walking nearby. Stand firmly and confidently on their feet. AIR – CONTACT, INTERCONNECTION: Share experience and resources. Together create a common result. Employees will have to conquer the three elements, and, combining them, light a common FIRE.

Chips project


  • Author's types of team building using watermelons
  • Pneumatic and archer shooting range
  • Rope park with tasks

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