Agile methodology in the event industry: 9 tools for effective work

Agile methodology in the event industry: 9 tools for effective work

Flexibility, cooperation with the customer, and the interaction between specialists instead of rigid regulation, priority documents and the slow movement of the classical scheme of project management. This Agile methodology seen such creators see it in Big Jack.

We have used Agile principles even before they learned about it. Examining the manifest, we did it ourselves and methodology started to apply.

Agile software development (in our case work on outputs) Agile can increase timing and "emergency rush." To avoid this, we apply the principles of Scrum involving phased work on event strictly limited to the terms of each iteration. And more-online tools and services. We will talk about services.

Manage tasks: Trello

Using Trello we distribute work among team members on a specific project.

Our working day begins with mini-quizzes. We are discussing:

  • that was yesterday;
  • the difficulties met each and every one of our employees;
  • If you are having difficulty, how they were resolved and how to prevent them in the future;
  • what tasks takes each of the specialists on the day.

All of this is fixed in Trello. On the day we see what tasks were completed, with some difficulty, what did each of the team members. Clearly defined deadlines.

Service helps you work with dozens of projects simultaneously. Each project is on a separate Board or group of boards. Each has its own objectives, its team, its timing. Thanks to Trello we carry out all complex of works on preparation of the event just in time.


Managing freelancers: YouDo and Bla-Bla-Car

Big Jack doesn't blow up NC unskilled staff and specialists, whose services are required. It is expensive and inconvenient. A number of tasks can be delegated to freelancers.

Service Bla-Bla-Car is one of the most useful for event-agency. Paying little money car owner who travels from Moscow to St. Petersburg, we can send them a suit or piece of equipment. It's easier and cheaper than sending one employee: instead of direct duties, he will be forced to spend time on DorOSU.

Rating system and feedback in the Bla-Bla-Car eliminates the delay due to non-freelancers: we choose only reliable and punctual people.

YouDo covers a wider range of tasks. There are couriers and cargo carriers, cleaners, assemblers and Repair Wizard, photographers and makeup artists. If we need someone for handing out flyers, it's easier to go into the service and find a freelancer than organize set on the message board or social network. Through YouDo we can find almost any specialist or handyman. Search, matching, payment will take several minutes. In the event it is very important.

Work with the audience: SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is an easy way to see the results of the work. By using the service, we carry out surveys and questionnaires among those visiting our event-event. It is convenient and lets you get feedback: assess the success of the project, identify and work through the errors.

Using SurveyMonkey, we measure NPS (customer loyalty index).

Working with customers and visitors events: MailChimp and UniSender

Email and SMS distribution traditionally used to "capture" their client base, increase the number of calls and, as a result, the clients themselves. Distribution of commercial proposals requires any company, but in the event industry is more important than the "capture" of potential visitors activities.

Services are very simple in work and have additional functionality. For example, do not require UniSender layout, and you can connect MailChimp to shop.

Cooperation with customers: CRM "Megaplan"

To solve the current issues we can Trello, Google. Dock "and other services. But not all of them are suitable for work with the client. We have found a solution- CRM Megaplan.

An easy-to-use enterprise management system, using which you can:

  • to develop and agree on contract;
  • take account of costs and revenues;
  • lead accounting.

All documents pertaining to the work with the client, published in the Megaplane». In order to use its features, browser enough. Due to service clients can see and buildterms, assess the cost of those or other activities, to make adjustments.

We work openly and honestly.

CRM eliminates confusion with documents and allows access to all the important information, which relates to the interaction between the client and the Big Jack, anywhere in the world and at any time.

Work with materials and documents: Dropbox

In theory, all documents can be stored on a physical server or computer in your mailbox or on different services (from Trello to "Megaplana"). But it is inconvenient: find important information or contract a few months after you download will be difficult.

Dropbox saves time. This is cloud storage, where you can download all documents and files, photos, video and audio, which remained after work or used now. Shared hosting eliminates pads with different versions of treaties, allows you to quickly find and send the document.

Working with data: Google Docs

Tools Word and Excel are universal. But the program itself is not available to all. Google Docs makes it easy for you to work with documents and allows you to:

  • together a schedule;
  • develop a contract or any other document;
  • calculate and record the number of hours of work, costs, income, and more.

Our results

Recently we talked about Research Portal -rated event-agencies. Big Jack took first place with a margin of 7% on quality of service. We have done this not only through experience and study of claims, but also by using Agile methodologies and modern tools. We experience that Internet services work and are beneficial to us and our clients, and we can recommend to their colleagues on the shop floor.

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