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International day of families

15 May
Left 275 days
International day of families


International day of families, which falls on May 15, was established in the year 1993 the UN General Assembly. The concern of the international community challenges of the modern family, the loss of family values and the devaluation of the institution of marriage led to the establishment of this day. It is a Festival of happiness, love, loyalty and devotion.

Feeling of closeness, joy of parental love, confidence in their support for the first time feels the baby in the family. It is key to the entry of the child into the adult, the full complexities of life. In the family, he learns to communicate with people, ability to see great and comprehend the mysteries of the universe. Here the age-old wisdom passed down from generation to generation. The main function of the family, to give birth to children, to provide them with a happy childhood, a decent education and create a strong basis for further independent living, as well as help to survive in the complex world of human relations. That is why it is so important that the family was tight-knit and durable.

The family is changing and evolving, sharply reacting to the developments of the time. Assistance from the governmental structures family is a very important factor. In Russia currently being developed and operate assistance programs for large and young families. World family day gives us all the opportunity to see the happiness in family turmoil of everyday life.

Around the world today there is a very serious problem, which concerns a huge number of divorce and single-parent families. Our country, unfortunately, is no exception. People now began to raise a family in adulthood, as wish to first obtain an education, give yourself a career and gain financial independence. Too late to have children, and many of you are not willing to have them. Failure to provide child support makes the family to raise a child and don't even think about increasing family. Civil marriages have become incredibly popular. In avoiding the obligations of the people prefer to live together, without rushing to legitimize the relationship. Often, such unions are children.

Family day is meant to remind us of neumirajushhih values of love, faithfulness and how this great happiness-family.

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