25 December
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25 December Catholics celebrate the great holiday-Christmas. Celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ is shared by Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants (there are small differences in date and customs). This is one of the main religious holidays, which extensively celebrated people in one hundred countries of the world.

It is believed that this day was celebrated for the first time in the 4th century. Why is the date celebrated in December, it is not known how unclear and when truly Jesus was born. Perhaps this is due to the day of birth of the Sun, "a pagan holiday. Modern scientists count the 9 months from Easter Celebration-25 March was considered the day of conception of God's child.

Christmas celebration is accompanied by strict fasting, as in 5 days before and 6 days after the holiday. On Christmas Eve, Eve, have allowed kollyva-wheat and barley grain, cooked with honey. A religious holiday, so people on this day recreate scenes from the old testament, associated with the birth of Christ. Church services are held-at midnight, dawn and later in the afternoon.

That prior to this event, the tradition arose in the 13th century to the temples, symbolising the cradle of Christ. This custom later came and into the homes of Christians. These layouts pictures birth called homemade santonami.
In celebration of this day as a religious and folk customs. For example, Catholics like Caroling-to walk from House to House, singing songs and wishing people happy, receiving sweets, fruits, cakes. Those who have not shared the goodies, ridicule and threaten to be defeated. However, the Church did not recognize custom as a pagan. Also from ancient times came and tradition in the House of Kindle fire. Known to all custom celebration is dressed spruce. Germanic peoples have this tree was a symbol of life, now decorated Christmas tree is considered a symbol of paradise tree and its fruit. Often in this day and cheerful feasts.

In addition to the Catholics, 25 December celebrate Orthodox churches which have adopted the Gregorian calendar -11 churches from 15. Another four remain true to the Julian calendar and note the date on 13 days later.

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