World information day

26 November
Left 217 days
World information day


26 November for the first time in the year 1992 was carried out by the World Forum on the theme-"informatization". Thereafter, the International Informatization Academy, along with the world informaciologicheskim by Parliament were the initiators of the Foundation in this day of information, which is marked with the year 1994.

What is information?

Academician N.i. Moiseyev noted-there is no clear definition of information is a combination of letters, symbols, numbers, and symbols that carry meaning. Here are news, information, and knowledge accumulated by humanity throughout its existence. Thanks to the discoveries and technology sovershenstvovanijam we live during the overload of information on the screen of a television, computer or phone. Any events occurring many miles away from us, become instantly famous, some of them leave no prints in the history, and some are changing people's lives. Why say-who owns the information, that rules the world.

World information day (World Information Day) 26 November noted scientists, politicians and journalists, all those who influence the creation of new events today! Each person has the opportunity to join the celebration.

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