Employer attractiveness and corporate events

Employer attractiveness and corporate events

Modern labour market is characterized not only by competition among applicants, but also reverse competition companies for the most efficient and professional staff.

Global index of employer attractiveness is determined through a survey of students at some of the company after the release they would like to work.
In Russia a similar rating is VCIOM (Russian public opinion).
There is also a rating of employers among the current professionals and job seekers, which is determined by a number of factors.

Ideal employer, possesses the following qualities:

  1. Opportunity for career growth;
  2. High level of responsibility and great powers;
  3. Compensation;
  4. Training at the expense of the company.

That is why for HR employees inside the company defined KPIS of their work. The most important factor in determining the effectiveness of rekruTinga and attractiveness of the employer, is AR (Acceptance Rate) is taken by the candidates of job offers.

Thus, performing certain steps can affect the attractiveness of the company as an employer on the market. For example, organizing annual in-house event followed by the placement of information on this site, which include rewarding employees "breakthrough of the year" or "the best employee of the year", you can raise awareness about career opportunities within the company.

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