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The visiting team building in Riga for the X 5 Retail Group

Project tasks

  • Develop participants stress and faith in yourself
  • Introduce and consolidate employees
  • Show the importance of back-office work

The concept of

First day- quest Old Riga with stress-jobs The second day strategic planning session, where participants developed solutions for more effective work and learned to listen and hear each other.  

Chips project

  • Before the event, many of the employees chatted only radio and through the mail. Once they have passed the difficult test, work side-by-side easier (for example, participants conducted an audit of the comic the largest grocery store in Riga).
  • During the execution of the quest was born many jokes, chips and other content, which can then be used within the company.
  • For 5 months of training project we have worked on the options 15 different locations (this means different countries, cities, venues and hotels).
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