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Organization of business games

Solve problems

  • Insufficient skills in forecasting of operational processes
  • Slow adaptation to the new conditions of work teams
  • The lack of a clear distribution of staff on posts

Achieve results

  • Improve work organization staff
  • Identify leader and generators of ideas
  • Improving vertical involvement
  • Establish close contact between members during the event

Organization of business games as a method of research personnel and company development

The game format is effective and in training, and in a business where you need to maintain a high tempo and efficiency, to be able to adapt to change and to learn quickly. Thanks to the organisation of business games your employees can acquire new skills and knowledge, adapt to changing conditions and significantly increase the efficiency of labour. Business simulations and business games, traditional business games and other such events will benefit the company and help achieve the global goals.

The purpose of the business game-rate:

  • the effectiveness of the strategic and tactical thinking;
  • the ability to predict events in the business;
  • the speed of adaptation to the new conditions.

Thanks to business-game it is possible to identify future leaders, strategists, analysts, and to identify the best candidates for certain positions, assemble a team for the project work form the personnel reserve. The event staff can offer interesting solutions to various challenges and problems of the company.

Key aspects of business games

Organization of business games pursues different objectives. It and learning, and analysis abilities and competence of individual employees, and teambuilding, and selection of the personnel. The event brings out the social structure of the team: its informal leader, performers, think tank (the generator of ideas). It also gives plenty of opportunities for learning, capable to interest and attract staff. The boundary between an abstract scenario, which is part of the game, and the real issues of professional activity is gradually being eroded.

The result of the business game-improving labour organization staff. Watching the process manager gets an idea about the temperament and character of each of the players, their roles within the team, their abilities. Thus you can change the responsibilities of staff members so that each one brought the most business.

Unlike other business activities, the game has a vertical involvement. Can participate in it performers, managers, top managers. The customer receives a complete picture on the real abilities of each employee in practice.

A key principle of the game-free discussion of solutions to the task at hand. In the search for an answer on an equal footing participate and ordinary employees, and managers. Personalsthe haunted relationship and hierarchy remain behind. Thus formed a working relationship, and the team comes to a single address. During the event the participants combined, immersed in the problem and find the optimal output. Subsequently, however, occurs in real work.

"Big Jack": integrated business games

Understanding and accepting the value of a business game in theory of organization, company "BIG Jack" is doing everything to this event format has passed interesting and yielded results.

Getting started with the Organization of the games, we take into account both the purpose and features of work and business processes of the organization. To each phase of the event-agency fits responsibly, each stage is held coordination with the client. We develop the concept of future games, create a plan, and a script with the timings set roles and rules of action participants, procedure and method of scoring.

According to the results of the business game, together with executives of the "Big Jack" experts analyze results: assess existing problems, the behavior of the participants, the results of each of them and the team as a whole.

Business game organised by "Big Jack", will help to build a relationship together, intelligently distribute roles and work to train new staff.

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